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      Smallwood/Perry Education Scholarship Fund

This is a memorial scholarship fund in Memory of Dr. Craig Smallwood, RRT and Fritz Perry, RRT.    The objective is to help a Respiratory Therapy Program every year, especially those in underserved communities. The College that receives the scholarship will then award the Respiratory student of their choice. The hope is that this scholarship will help in the education of the next generation of Respiratory Therapists. Please donate to this cause below via PayPal. 

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Fritz Perry


Throughout her respiratory career she worked at Boston Children's Hospital, Lawrence General,  and Lowell General. She also did mission work in Haiti and Cambodia.   She always had a smile on her face and gave exceptional care to her patients and their families.   She was well known for her amazing hot pepper jelly, breakfast lasagna and  frequent laughter. When you left your shift you knew Fritz was there because the breakroom would be spotless.  Her daughter sums her up with the following: She was a force (often referred to, lovingly, as Hurricane Fritz), an inspiration, a role model, a selfless human, and an energy that will travel with you through life if you call on her.  She was a strong and wise woman and everyone she knew and cared for was blessed to be in her presence.


Dr. Craig Smallwood


Craig graduated Northeastern in 2007 having earned a Bachelor’s degree in cardiopulmonary science with a concentration in respiratory therapy. Craig’s career began at Boston Children’s Hospital as an entry-level Respiratory Therapist in 2007 and in short order became a highly competent and compassionate clinician with exceptional technical skills. He soon won the admiration and respect of all his peers and clinicians throughout the Intensive Care Unit. He always strived to understand the scientific and physiologic principles underlying the diseases he encountered in order to provide the best care to his patients. His intellectual curiosity, natural teaching ability and leadership were capitalized as he generously shared his knowledge and accumulating wisdom. Craig’s innovative and inquisitive spirit was widely recognized and he was appointed the Coordinator of Clinical Respiratory Research in 2010, a role he approached with unbounded enthusiasm and rigor. In 2018 Craig earned his PhD in Bioengineering at Northeastern University and in 2019 he was given a faculty academic appointment at Harvard Medical School as Assistant Professor of Anesthesia. As the coordinator of a multidisciplinary research group, he shepherded numerous and diverse projects with intelligence, focus, and commitment ensuring that exceptional results were always achieved. His high-quality work is indelibly archived in over 30 original papers, some award winning. Craig’s national influence over clinical practice was well demonstrated by his frequent invites to present and as a member of an editorial board. He was passionate about mentorship of the next generation of researchers and clinical innovators, and guided many on to award winning publications. Craig was a true scholar, ambassador, innovator and teacher. 

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